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Interview with Heinz Fuchs

The UlTimate Feel Good Factor in the Fuchsbau ...

An interview with Heinz Fuchs about his way of being a host, why he loves the glemmtal and insider information you will only get from him

What is most important for you during a vacation?

The most important thing is to have time to unwind. When me and my wife are traveling alone, going on vacation is a bit more relaxed because we don't have to entertain the little ones all the time. When we take our kids with us, the device is "happy kids, happy parents". ;) With our two children, Xaver and Vitus, we know that first hand.

A vacation in the Glemmtal is perfect, if you love mountains and look for a variety of activities. Very often, we do have different generations of one family visiting us. For example, parents and children with grandparents. Even though they all go on vacation together, they might have totally different daily vacation routines. Dad goes on a mountain bike tour, while the kids are discovering the fairytale forest with their grandmother, Mum treats herself with a couple of hours of wellness and in the afternoon all meet up again, go hiking together or enjoy a barbecue in the garden. The Fuchsbau offers something for everyone and, even better, all of the activities can be easily connected with each other. A vacation in the Fuchsbau is perfect for people who love being outside, are adventurous and appreciate the big choice of activities.

What are your different season - highlights?

With a bike, you have the possibility to combine various adventures. How about starting the day with a downhill adventure followed by an afternoon with your kids who will surely enjoy sitting in the hanger you pull with your bike. In between, you all refresh your feed with a dip into the river Saalach and when you are back from your adventure you end the day in the swing or the whirlpool in the garden of your chalet or on the terrace of your apartment. 

In summer, my personal highlight is the calm moments you experience on the little hiking paths through the forest. Even in the high season, you will not meet a lot of other people. If you want me to, I will share some little havens of peace with you. ;) But also watching the sunrise on the Schattberg is something truly unforgettable. The panoramic view onto the Glockner, the Groß Venediger and all the way up to Tirol will leave lasting impressions, guaranteed.

In winter my absolute highlight is skiing of course. An advice for all my guests is to get up early. The best thing about skiing is to be one of the first ones in the skiing area and, after that, being the first one relaxing and holding a holiday-afternoon-nap.



What is most important to you in your apartments?

A vacation in the Fuchsbau is exactly the way I want to spend my own time off. When staying in a holiday-apartment everything should be similar to the way things are at home. That means, that the kitchen needs to be fully equipped and it has to offer all the little details a couple or a family require for a stay. The holiday apartment should reflect your home. It would be very inconvenient if in the evening you want to open a bottle of wine and you cannot find a corkscrew or if you would like to open a can of tomato sauce but there is no can-opener. That should not happen and that is why the kitchens in our apartments are equipped with all the daily necessities. You will also find coffee, sugar, salt and pepper so you won't have to bring that with you. This and other small details are what I expect when going on vacation and therefore I also want my guests to have these amenities. When staying in the Fuchsbau apartments you leave your home to come home.

In the summer all of our apartments offer an electric barbecue station on the patio and either an infrared cabin or a sauna are also part of the apartments. I want my guests to be able to relax, feel comfortable and warm-up. A family barbecue takes time and preparation, we know that. We also like to have a barbecue ourselves and therefore we offer all the requirements at the Fuchsbau. We also offer a bread delivery service to make your vacation even more comfortable. If you should have any further questions, we are more than happy to answer them.

One of the highlights of our Chalet Viehhofen is its size. It is the perfect apartment for big groups or families. Thanks to its layout you will always find a quiet corner, should you be looking for one. The dining room area and the kitchen with its big table offer enough space for cooking and enjoying the culinary delights together. The barbecue station awaits you on the patio. In winter an outside wooden hot tub and in summer, according to the temperatures, a whirlpool. With a cinema and the indoor playing area, this chalet offers everything you need for your perfect vacation.

Our newest "add-on" is planned for autumn 2020 and is located in the center of Saalbach. The Chalet Saalbach, with the same size as our chalet in Viehhofen, situated right in the middle of the ski-action. Because of its location everything is within walking distance. It is only a couple of meters to the mountain railway station. Shopping, partying, dining out... all right in front of your front door.



What do you do in order to make them happy?

The fundamental idea is that we are happy when our guests are happy. According to our experience, the first impression is important. And in order for this first impression to be a good one, everything should look exactly the way it does in the pictures. In addition to that, we offer a personal connection for our guests. One of the first things you do when you are on vacation in a new place, is to discover your surroundings. We take enough time to provide all the important information you need for your perfect time-out in the Fuchsbau. That works even better, if our guests share our interests ... we love to share our insider information regarding skiing, biking and everything that concerns travelling with kids. ;) We know where you can have a relaxing time, but also where there is something going on. We know the coolest bike trails and the most adventurous Freeride descents in winter. Where should you go for an evening out and which delivery service is the best? We are more than happy to answer all these questions for you.

Did your position as chairman of the Austrian Tourism Association change your ways as a host?

For nearly two years I am now holding the two positions of a host and the chairman of the Austrian Tourism Association. For me, this changed how I act as a host. I was always very keen on thinking about every little detail, but now I pay even more attention. It's the little things that make the difference. I am always on the lookout for special things I can implement and test, but also to collect ideas and pass them over in order for the whole region to profit from them. Austria is a tourism destination where various regions know how to satisfy guests, but to inspire them to come back is the most difficult part which you can only fulfill if you ensure everything is perfect and put in a lot of effort and love into your daily work.

Another important part is that you provide your guests with a friendly environment consisting of tolerance, respect and openness. That's exactly who we are and how we want to deal with our Fuchsbau guests to ensure their vacation is perfect and unforgettable. ;)


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