Welcome to "der fuchsbau"

Once upon a time ... there was a fox whose den in beautiful Saalbach Hinterglemm became too small and uncomfortable. So he set to work and built a new, magnificent, extra-super special, phenomenal house with many different fox dens for smaller and larger fox packs. The cunning fox and the luxury fox saw this and helped him. They took art and junk, saunas and infrared cabins, ultra-snuggly beds and comfy sofas and decorated their house with them. But the house was too big for a single fox, even for two or three. So he opened the gates of his house and is now welcoming guests from all over the world! <3 welcome to "der fuchsbau"!

simply everything there <3


Tipi topi everywhere

The foxes leave nothing to be desired by their guests in "der fuchsbau" - everyone simply feels GOOD. Maybe it's because each apartment / holiday home / fox's den has its own sauna or infrared cabin. Possibly, the well-equipped KITCHEN has something to do with it, in which you can find EVERYTHING you need as a HOLIDAY CHEF. POSSIBLY maybe because of the fresh bread rolls delivered directly to the apartment door every day or because of the chilled sun terrace, where you can have a BBQ in summer too. Come in and check it out!


"der fuchs und die gang" are known to be family-friendly contemporaries. That's why the fox dens in "der fuchsbau" are made for families! All, really all holiday apartments / flats / foxholes are well furnished and tailored to families - free WiFi, cable TV on fat flat screen TVs in almost every room, mini wellness oasis in every apartment, parking spaces for family carriages, bike garage and washing area, ski cellar , shoe dryer, electric grill and chill-out area on every balcony, and many many many more! But that's not all, after all, "der fuchsbau" is in Saalbach Hinterglemm, a holiday region that - entirely by chance - is also "made for families". Here you'll find more and more family offers, and for that you don't even have to walk far. The next lift is only a fox's jump away and it will take you up the mountain in no time at all: in winter for skiing, tobogganing, snow tubing, yummy Kaiserschmarrn and whatever else you feel like doing in the snow. In summer, fun awaits you in the sun playing on the summit playground on the Schattberg, PUZZLE ADVENTURES with "Montelino", "Teufelswasserpark" at the end of the valley and sooooo MUCH MORE that there is simply no more room here to write about it :P

Briefly summarized again: "der fuchsbau" is the ideal holiday accommodation in Saalbach Hinterglemm for small and large families. Here you will find everything you need for your PERFECT FAMILY HOLIDAYS!

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      Hot summer vs. summer freshness


      Summer freshness is ... something from the last millennium. Now we celebrate a HOT SUMMER! Everything is now hotter, fresher, fancier than fancy and extremely chilled! Walking now means hiking, cycling means biking (or e-biking or gravel biking) and ending the day comfortably in the evening sun now means chilling or ‘chillaxing’, depending on how pronounced the proverbial calm after the storm is. Back then you had to pay extra for every attraction, today almost everything is included - thanks to the Summer Joker Card, which you get for free as our guest. But some things haven't changed: Click MORE below and you'll find out :P


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        A never-ending winter fairytale


        Once upon a time... on a perfect winter's day, the sun is grinning from the crisp blue sky and you're on your way. You get your board(s) from the basement, open the front door, walk a few steps and there you are, in the winter wonderland in the ‘Home of Lässig’! The next lift catapults you (not meant literally :P) in no time to unimagined heights. 270 km of the finest slopes lie below you! Just Breathtaking! You can find out what else awaits you in the ‘Home of Lässig’ by clicking on MORE...


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      Bike, bikes and more bikes

      You may have noticed: “der fuchs und die gang” love biking. That's not too surprising, because one of the most popular bike regions in Europe is practically on the doorstep of "der fuchsbau". Over 400 km of mountain bike trails for rookies and pros, trails, lines and bike parks let every biker's heart shred through the roof! And you hardly have to exert yourself to get up the mountain. As our guest in “der fuchsbau”, we provide you with the Summer Joker Card. With this you can transport your bike up the mountain twice a day with the Saalbach mountain railways and benefit from further special prices & conditions! We still have a great extra for you: Your host, the bike fox, is a former bike park shaper and has tons of insider tips for you.

      Fuchs Gang
      der fuchs und die gang der fuchsbau das fuchshaus fuchs und gretl
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      der fuchs und die gang

      • Appartements | Rooms | Chalet Saalbach & Viehhofen everything YOUR heart desires
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      der fuchsbau

      • 7 Appartments
      • 2 - 12 persons
      • Appartements Saalbach
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      das fuchshaus

      • 1 Chalet
      • 4 - 20 persons
      • Chalet Viehhofen
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      fuchs und gretl

      • 13 Zimmer
      • 1 - 4 persons
      • Rooms Saalbach